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In the event that you have a concern about your job, housing, transportation, please attempt to resolve any issues with your host company or housing manager directly.

Often issues can be resolved easily by simply speaking to your supervisor, human resources or landlord. If you are experiencing problems with your host company, we would advise you to confront the issue in a mature fashion. If you have concerns regarding your job, please do the following:

  1. Consult your job offer. The U.S. consulate granted your visa based on your placement and your eligibility to work during your university break. Because you agreed to the job offer, you are expected to honor the terms.
  2. Speak with your direct supervisor about your concerns. Often you and your supervisor will be able to resolve the issue together. Be prepared to offer solutions.
  3. Speak with the Human Resources department of your host company.
  4. If you are unable to reach a solution with your host company, contact Intrax. Be prepared to show relevant documentation to Intrax (paycheck stubs, receipts, e-mail correspondence, a new university calendar, etc.)
  5. Intrax will work with you to resolve the situation. If a job change is authorized, we will follow up with you with necessary instructions.
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