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Every month you will need to complete a quick online questionnaire (Monthly Contact) your MyIntrax account. Completing your Monthly Contact is a program requirement and only takes 2-3 minutes. The Monthly Contact allows us to make sure that you are safe and is an opportunity for you to tell us how your program is going.

If you have not yet completed yours, please do so right away! Should you have any difficulty completing your Monthly Contact online be sure to call Intrax at 1-888-224-0450 for assistance.

We look forward to hearing about your experiences!

Housing Address

A key part of your Monthly Contacts, is listing your current accommodation or housing address. If you have not yet arrived to your host company, you must give your current address, even if it is temporary. American addresses have standard format. An example can be found below:

     Number of House or Building/ Name of Street/Avenue/Way/Terrace/etc.
     Apt/Room/Unit ##/ Cabin Name
     Name of City, Name of State #####-(postal code)

      4278 California St.
      Apt 704
      San Antonio, CA 95031

It is essential, for your safety and well-being that you update Intrax within 10 days of any address change, as required by the program regulations. To update your address simply login to your MyIntrax account and select Update Address from the bottom left of your homepage, shown below:

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